About the Artist


I was born in Montreal, Quebec and showed a strong interest in drawing and painting from an early age.  Summers spent in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and later in Northern Ontario have left me with a love of rural scenery and natural landscapes which influences my choice of subject matter even today.

After a successful corporate career and raising three sons, I have been able to return to my first passion, painting. Primarily self-taught, I work in acrylic and watercolour.  My style ranges from realism to a more abstracted version of realism influenced by a bold or impressionistic use of colour.

Artist’s Statement:

I am drawn to the passages and cycles of nature in both rural and untouched landscapes.  Our visceral response to natural beauty fascinates me and I try to capture those qualities that stimulate our sentiments and passions.  My goal is to convey the emotion, the impressions, and the feelings that speak to your heart, rather than the detailed reality of the subject.

My work is evolving towards a more abstracted view of reality through the simplification of design,  pattern and light.  Bold and eye-catching colour is my passion and I use it to create mood, atmosphere and a sense of being immersed in a scene.

I think of each painting as a celebration of life, and with each piece strive to capture the beauty and peacefulness of our natural world.

Selected Exhibitions:

2021 – Inspirations On-Line Virtual Exhibition, Manotick Art Association

2020 – Gift of Art Virtual Exhibition, Kanata Civic Art Gallery

2020- Inspirations On-Line Virtual Exhibition, Manotick Art Association

2019 – Expressions of Art, West Carleton Art Society

2019 – Arts Carleton Place Spring Show

2019- “Inspirations” Art Show and Sale, Manotick Art Association

2018 – Foyer Gallery – Viewer’s Choice Award for “Reverie”

2017 – Foyer Gallery – Viewer’s Choice Award for “Snow in Summer”

2016 – Foyer Gallery – Viewer’s Choice Award for “Pink Static”

2015 – “Inspirations”  Fall Show, Manotick Art Association

2015 – Watson’s Mill “Art in the Square”

Professional Affiliations:

Manotick Art Association (MAA), Treasurer and Past President

Kanata Civic Art Gallery

West Carleton Arts Society

Arts Carleton Place

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